Thursday, December 11, 2008

Teething... oiy!

I have been told several time by several people how lucky I am to have such a good little boy. Of course I absolutely agree - even more so with teething. The worst he has been is a little moody and irritable. I just feel so bad for him - his two front teeth are getting ready to break through and he is SOOOO swollen and then the two teeth next to those have already broken through and are pushing their way out. Needless to say EVERYTHING goes directly into his mouth - if it can get past the buckets of drool.

We got to Pittsburgh last night around 11:30am and woke Grammy & Uncle Ben up for some wonderful hellos and love. Uncle Ben got Luke the most adorable Penn State fleece winter snow suit! He looks so cute in it - and of course - WE ARE...PENN STATE!!!!!

So now he sleeps - finally - and I will shower - finally! Mom gets to go out and be an adult tonight - can't wait to catch up with Gwen. It's only been over 10 years!

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