Thursday, December 11, 2008

Teething... oiy!

I have been told several time by several people how lucky I am to have such a good little boy. Of course I absolutely agree - even more so with teething. The worst he has been is a little moody and irritable. I just feel so bad for him - his two front teeth are getting ready to break through and he is SOOOO swollen and then the two teeth next to those have already broken through and are pushing their way out. Needless to say EVERYTHING goes directly into his mouth - if it can get past the buckets of drool.

We got to Pittsburgh last night around 11:30am and woke Grammy & Uncle Ben up for some wonderful hellos and love. Uncle Ben got Luke the most adorable Penn State fleece winter snow suit! He looks so cute in it - and of course - WE ARE...PENN STATE!!!!!

So now he sleeps - finally - and I will shower - finally! Mom gets to go out and be an adult tonight - can't wait to catch up with Gwen. It's only been over 10 years!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

The first official "Crawl"

So it wasn't exactly a power crawl across the floor - but it was a good two "crawls" forward - just enough to land him face first into Odin with his mouth wide open and that loud laugh/cackle eminating through the bedroom as he made it to the cat. Of course this was MUCH to Odin's shagrin - but Mom and Dad both got to see and celebrate it together with the boy. I've said it before and I'll say it again - what gets that boy moving will be to catch that poor cat! At least Rah Rah can jump up on things - Odin is my fat boy - he's lucky if he can jump to get on the bed and even that takes a few tries!!!!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Luke meets Santa

So we headed out to Farmington today for Holly Days with the little man dressed to kill in his fabulous snow suit Grammy found at the resale shop in Northville - $13! (Go Grammy!) He reminded me of the little boy in Christmas Story - " I can't put my arms down!!!" He was so toasty in there I kept him in his PJ's underneath!

It was so beautiful in the snow and Luke was such a great sport about it. He had the "thinking man" look on his face wondering what all that white stuff was falling from the sky. Mom, Dad and Grandpa were so amazed by how good he is when in a new situation. It's like he just sits back and takes it all in.

Grandpa was there with his professional camera taking FABULOUS pictures while everyone watching was so completly enamored by Luke's beautiful big brown eyes and infectious smile. He looked at Santa like - "okay - who's the guy with the beard?"
We stopped at Starbucks, had a little treat then headed home. Little man got a bit tired and hungry so he slept and sucked down 7 oz and looked like the angel that he is. I swear, I have never known love like this - I am more in love with that little boy everyday. When we go in and check on him in his crib at night all sound asleep on his knees with his little bum up in the air - I just want to crawl in there next to him and cuddle all night long!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Little man is so beautiful and growing so fast.  I can't believe I actually put my 7 month old in a 24 month onesie today - and it FIT!  In a million years I would have never imagined my baby growing so fast - but I'm 6ft tall and Trev is 6'4" tall - I guess I should be prepared for a son who looks down on me at an earlier age rather than a later age.  

As my mother said - I better get my nursing degree - it isn't going to be cheap to feed this boy!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Magic Mattress

So it's time for another Luke nap. He just ate a big meal and was falling asleep in his high chair, so I gently carried him upstairs as he rested his beautiful head on my shoulder then laid him down with his Swankie Blankie and then the Magic Mattress did it again - soon as he hit the crib his eyes were wide open and the legs started thump, thump thumping. So now he is talking to himself and his blankie in his crib and I am wondering if he will actually fall back asleep...

But no matter, it's worth it to go into his room when it's time to get up to see that head pop up over the crib side and watch his whole face lite up. I better enjoy it while I can - pretty soon I will have to put the side all the way up or he will tumble right out. For that matter the magic mattress will have to be lowered as well. My 7 month old is already 30 1/2 inches long - which in relational terms means he is the average height of a 14 month old. Trev thinks he got his left tackle - I'm just hoping for a swimmer. It's non-contact and the college scholarships are good!

Sleep is still not happening in there - looks like it's time for the magic Mom touch..

Because my Mom told me so...

It's been 7 months since that little boy Luke was born and my Mother keeps asking me if I am keeping a journal of his life so far. The answer is one we all know - no, but I really should. That was a few weeks ago and now, thanks to my father-in-law (Thanks Greg) I can now keep track of all things not only Luke, but the new Wilson Family as well.

Since Luke is down for a nap - and I'm pretty sure it will be a "Luke nap" (as in 20-30 minutes) I am now down to about 10 minutes for a shower so the rest of this will have to wait until later.

But at least I can say - Mom - I got it started!