Monday, February 23, 2009


Don't let a single Grandparent fool you - they are not interested in their grandchildren staying little and not growing too fast.  They just want to be the one to teach your children to do things quicker to make your life a little bit more challenging!  

Case in point - Trev's Dad has been teaching Luke to walk.  He's 9 months old!!!! Please!  Stop!!!!  But the fact is - Luke absolutely LOVES it and loves spending time with his Grandpa.

And just yesterday visiting Grammy in Pittsburgh she decided to see if Luke could climb the stairs... and the answer is YES!!!  Quite well as a matter of fact - thanks so much Grammy!  He laughed and giggled his way up those stairs over and over and over again - even faster if the cat was sitting at the top of the stairs!!!  Don't feel bad for Chloe though - she knew when to get out of the way of the cackling drooling little fan that was stalking her.  

Any way - there is nothing like watching Luke with his family.  They love him so much and as he grows older he will see how lucky he is.  Trev was just saying how funny is it that our definition of a great day has changed so much.  We spent Saturday at my cousin's in Duncansville, PA - never even left the house - but I honestly don't think Luke has ever laughed and giggled so much.  He had the very best day with his cousin William and Uncle Matthew & Aunt Renee.  He just played from the moment he woke up to splashing and laughing himself silly at bath time.  No wonder he fell sound asleep!

I'm sure we'll have a few more Grandparent stories to tell in a few weeks after my Dad & Sandi visit for a few days!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Mystery Solved

Our sweet little boy is a bit crankier this week and doing a lot of whining and crying and sleeping. What could be wrong with our sweet boy? Well..... it's another GROWTH SPURT! My 31 inch little man is going to outgow us all if he keeps this up! So now I know to give him more food during the day - make sure he is getting enough fluids and let him sleep a little more often since he isn't taking very long naps.

I'm new at this - but I'll get there!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Time flies when your chasing after Luke!

I had promised myself I would write more often that what I have - but life takes over sometimes and you just have to go with the flow. As it is it's almost 2am and I have class and a test tomorrow night (hence why I am up late studying) - so I'll make it a good coffee day tomorrow!

In the past month I have been absolutely blown away by the changes in Luke. He went from my baby who belly crawled everywhere to - in one week mind you - pulled himself up on his knees, pulled himself up on feet and then decided the belly crawl was not working and went for the full-out crawl. And MAN is he QUICK!

All the same - he is still my sweet baby boy. Now that he is offically 9 mos old he is moving into more "solid" food. It's fun watching him go through the discovery process - especially figuring out how to actually "eat" the food. And when he likes something he keeps repeating "yummmm" over and over as he is taking each bite. It's a non-stop YUMM fest when the Cheerios are put in front of him!!!
And his little personality is really starting to show. He finally waved "bye-bye" for the first time in correct context at the dentists on Tuesday. Yes - he stole every single heart there because they were all fawning over him at the time when he did it! And the laughter is so much larger now. He seems to just laugh with his whole body!!!! Saturday morning was my morning to sleep in (FINALLY) and I wake up to the whole house just FILLED with his laughter. I looked over the loft balcony and he is sitting on Grandpa's lap laughing with his whole entire body while watching Daddy through a ball up in the air and catch it. Complete, uncontrollable laughter! It makes me want to just grab him, kiss him all over and hold on for dear life!!!
But with the joy comes the reality of good GOD it is a lot of work to keep up with this little boy! I seriously need to start taking my health more seriously or he is going to plow right over me in no time! I also think it's time for play dates. He loves other kids - I need to make it more of a priority. Oh well - you do what you can when you can get it done!!!! Perhaps that is why I leave cleaning for the very last thing to do!!!! :)