Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Magic Mattress

So it's time for another Luke nap. He just ate a big meal and was falling asleep in his high chair, so I gently carried him upstairs as he rested his beautiful head on my shoulder then laid him down with his Swankie Blankie and then the Magic Mattress did it again - soon as he hit the crib his eyes were wide open and the legs started thump, thump thumping. So now he is talking to himself and his blankie in his crib and I am wondering if he will actually fall back asleep...

But no matter, it's worth it to go into his room when it's time to get up to see that head pop up over the crib side and watch his whole face lite up. I better enjoy it while I can - pretty soon I will have to put the side all the way up or he will tumble right out. For that matter the magic mattress will have to be lowered as well. My 7 month old is already 30 1/2 inches long - which in relational terms means he is the average height of a 14 month old. Trev thinks he got his left tackle - I'm just hoping for a swimmer. It's non-contact and the college scholarships are good!

Sleep is still not happening in there - looks like it's time for the magic Mom touch..

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